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Personal Care Products: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

By on Aug 29, 2014 in Toxic Products | 0 comments

Start Reading Labels and Select All-natural Products Men’s shave soaps, gels and creams, are part of the $50-billion personal care products industry and have become big business in the United States. But did you know that many ingredients in these products could be putting you at risk for less-than-optimal skin and eye health, immune and endocrine function, and possibly even cancer? Do you really know what’s in those products you’re slathering over your face? Do you know. Did you know that applying a substance to your skin isn’t much different from eating it? In fact, it may be even worse because these chemicals are absorbed directly through the skin and into the blood stream, without going via the digestion and being filtered through the liver. When you or a family member use questionably safe products, you risk… Exposing highly sensitive mucous membranes Inhaling ingredient fumes and irritating your lungs Absorption through your skin, your largest organ Contact with your...

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